10 things every gardener should know

  1. Don’t expect the impossible;
  2. Expense doesn’t mean quality;
  3. Your primary concern should be the quality of your soil;
  4. Gardening is a continual process;
  5. Design your garden in accordance with your time limits;
  6. Broaden your horizons;
  7. You will probably never think your garden is perfect;
  8. Don’t be afraid to let your creative juices flow;
  9. It helps to do some networking;
  10. Don’t forget about your tools.

Some of these may not make sense to just reading them in list form, however, you click here to read more. 

Gardening is good for your health

Looking through the internet you can find all sorts of stuff, however, I came across a blog post saying that gardening is actually healthy for you can help beat depression! For further information visit the blog post yourself!

Garden Rooms

Having extra room within your home isn’t always possible, however, the latest trend within gardens are garden rooms! Not only are they a fashion trend within the gardening world they create extra room without having to buy a bigger house and spending a huge amount of money. They can be used for pretty much anything, a gym, extra space for guests to sleep, a studio, playroom, games room and much, much more!

Herb Garden

Fancy putting a herb garden within your garden but not sure how you can do it? Well starting a herb garden is actually one of the easiest things you can do in the garden. Click here to see the steps for making a herb garden in your yard.

Flower Beds

Starting a flower bed may seem simple but there is actually some planning and forethought beforehand, but is isn’t actually as difficult as you might think actually building a flower bed from scratch. No flower bed is ever the same, and you can plant a flower bed anyway you like. So to find out more and to check out this guide click here.

6 things beginners should know about gardening

Decided to take up gardening or just decided to sort out your garden to make it useable? Well, to help you with this I have found the 6 main things you should know if you’re a beginner gardener; and they are: soil, light, plants, water, fertiliser and mulch. Check out everything you need to know about these…

Garden Rooms

eDEN garden rooms create visually stunning and unique garden pods for all different uses, such as: a garden office suitable to work from home in, a garden studio ideal for creating tunes, a garden gym, perfect to work out in, or even a guest room for extra guests to stay in.

So if you’re looking for a contemporary garden room, garden studio or garden office then this is the place to be.




Gardening Guides: Basics

The BBC have created a step-by-step guide about the basics of gardening, from different techniques such as sowing, pruning and taking cuttings. They have also included a guide as to how to care for your garden during adverse weather conditions and how to grow fruit and veg!


Contemporary & Modern Garden Design

When trying to create an amazing garden you can’t always do it all by yourself! Getting an experienced garden designer to help can make your life a lot more easier, and with all the experience they have, they’re likely to create the perfect garden for you.

Floral & Hardy have an extensive knowledge about garden design and offer lots of information on their website about garden designing and even have experienced garden designers for you to check out!